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... for fans of the Angelic Pretty brand.

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Angelic ♥ Poodle - for fans of Angelic Pretty
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Welcome to Angelic Poodle
A community dedicated to the Japanese elegant lolita brand, Angelic Pretty.

Community Rules:

1. All posts must be related to the Angelic Pretty brand. This is, after all, the Angelic Pretty LJ community.

2. Please be kind and courteous to others.

3. Images over 400 x 400 pixels must be placed under a livejournal cut. You are allowed to post up to one image of allowed size outside the cut; any others should be placed within the cut.

4. Please do not advertise other communities.

5. I ♥ sales & auctions. However, because this community has grown so much, there is now a separate set of selling rules below.

6. No discussion of illegal counterfeit items on this community. Posts discussing or selling illegal counterfeit items will be removed. Please see here for more details.

7. Have fun!

Selling Rules:

1. Items may only be posted ONCE, following image rules (#3). Anything more than a single image belongs under a cut.

2. Only authentic brand items of Angelic Pretty, please.

3. Posts discussing or selling illegal counterfeit items will be removed. Please see here for more details.

4. If photos are blurry/unclear for any item, the post may be subject to removal by the moderator.

5. Please do not link back or make fake cuts to posts on egl_comm_sales simply for 'traffic.' If you intend on selling your Angelic Pretty items here, then please make a post on this community. (Of course, if you have Angelic Pretty items listed on egl_comm_sales, you can also post them here, but I ask that they have their own post on Angelic Poodle to filter non-AP items out.)

For more commentary regarding sales posts, please see here: http://community.livejournal.com/angelicpoodle/820034.html

Angelic Poodle's ban list has been updated to mirror the ban lists of EGL_Comm_Sales as of January 6, 2012.

All posts are subject to deletion by the community moderator (kuramew) if they do not fall within the regulations above. Any other questions? Feel free to contact the mod at LiLQTpika@[REMOVETHIS]aol.com!

Affiliated with: btssb - Baby, The Stars Shine Bright community

Images above taken from the official Angelic Pretty homepage.

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