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Rumblings about feedback and sales posts.

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Nov. 7th, 2010 | 10:42 am
posted by: kuramew in angelicpoodle


With the newest rule at egl_comm_sales, some members of Angelic Poodle may be wondering why this community does not pursue it's own feedback system, allow repetitive posting of sale items, or links to other sales communities (your own journal, egl_comm_sales, etc.). I wanted to clarify the intention and goal of this community with some answers below.

Q. First things first -- why doesn't this community allow members to repost sales even with lowered prices?

A. This is not a sales community. It was never created with the intention of being a sales community. This being said, I am fine with unique items being posted up once, but when it's the second or third time we've seen it, I'm sure we've actually seen it double the amount of times since it's already mirrored on EGL_Comm_Sales. A high majority of members on this community are members of EGL_Comm_Sales so the duplicate posts are usually not needed and just create spam on this community.

Q. Why can't we post links to items being sold on outside communities/journals?

A.. Similar answer as above. Imagine if everyone was able to post a link to their EGL_Comm_Sales sales post. Their community allows a post to be created every 4 days. We would have tons and tons of links to a community that most members are already a part of and have seen.

Q. I don't agree with this sales approach. Why have you decided this?

A.. Putting up a sales post on Angelic Poodle shouldn't be a right, but instead a privilege. I, too, use the community for sales periodically, but the goal of this community was never to be a mirror of sales that you could find on EGL_Comm_Sales. It was for discussion of the brand Angelic Pretty.

Q. For those Angelic Poodle members who DO decide they are okay with posting sales on this community, how can they be sure they are protected from scammers?

A. As with any online transaction, you are undergoing a level of risk. I have banned all users (and their aliases) to mirror the work that is done on EGL_Comm_Sales and eglfeedback (see links below), but this is the extent of protection that you have on this community. I will attempt to keep the ban list on Angelic Poodle updated once a month to mirror the users on the links below. (Please see community information page for "Last Updated" date.)

Please use good judgment and your own due diligence when in ANY online transaction.

If you don't feel comfortable selling or buying on this community, please don't! No one is forcing you to! If you feel more comfortable with "protection" of buying and selling on EGL_Comm_Sales, I definitely recommend that instead.


Q. Why doesn't this community pursue its own feedback system?

A. Feedback systems are labor-intensive projects to create and maintain. Angelic Poodle is not and was never intended to be a high-traffic sales community that should warrant one. Plus, many members are already a part of EGL_Comm_Sales where greater efforts are made to maintain feedback on a daily basis.

If you should choose to enter a buying or selling transaction on this community, it will not be eligible for feedback due to their new rule. As with my comments above, please understand that by entering a sales transaction in Angelic Poodle that it may or may not be riskier. Use your own judgement. If you want the feedback points, then conduct your transactions on EGL_Comm_Sales. If you don't feel comfortable buying/selling on this community, please don't.

That should end questions so far... If there's something else you need clarification for, please let me know.



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