Fuzzeh little manpeach (missspastic) wrote in angelicpoodle,
Fuzzeh little manpeach

WTB: Lady Rose, Dream Doll, Lavender stuff, pinkXred stuff

I am looking for Lady Rose, in either JSK or OP form, seen here-

I prefer it in mint, but I will most certainly consider other colors. This goes for everything on the post.

Other than that, I am looking for anything lavender.  SHOES (in 24.5), JSKS, OPs, socks, maybe blouses, but probably not (maybe if it's a good deal)o-o

PINK X RED items are always welcome, especially cutsews of this variety

Lastly, if one were to sell either of these items I would

fine print:

  • I live in Tennessee.  I hate high shipping costs.  If you feel that the cost of the shipping would be above fifteen dollars, secretly jack up the price of the item to cover it so that I don't feel ripped off for shipping please. HOWEVER NO OTHER DISHONEST SELLING IS TOLERATED O-O
  • I have the right to decline any sale if the price seems too steep to me. 
  • If you have an item in mind that isn't necessarily Angelic Pretty, PM me or find me on the EGL Comm Sales since I just made a related post there.
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